Happy Bonfire night from everyone at Osmond Drake Opticians! We hope you have a fun and safe night full of fireworks, sparklers and toffee apples!

Bonfire night can be fun, but many people every year are injured by fireworks and sparklers. Nothing ruins a night more than a trip to A&E for a painful eye injury that can lead to permanently reduced vision or even blindness. However, if you are careful and follow the instructions on the labels of fireworks and sparklers, there is no reason why your night should be anything but enjoyable.

Here are some top tips to keep your eyes safe while celebrating:

· Keep your fireworks and sparklers out of the reach of children

· Make sure children are supervised at firework displays at all times

· Keep fireworks separate locked in a metal box and only light one at a time

· Put sparklers in a bucket of cold water as soon as they are finished

· If a lit firework doesn’t go off, leave it – don’t return to see what happened in case it is just delayed and takes off while you are close by

· Stand at least 35m away from fireworks

· If someone does get injured, seek medical help IMMEDIATELY by going to A&E

For extra safety, you can use safety glasses while lighting fireworks. You can come in to see us any time to get some British Standards approved safety eye wear.

If you follow these safety tips, your bonfire night should go off with a bang!

For more information please visit the Eyecare Trust page: https://www.eyecaretrust.org.uk/view.php?item_id=627