Are contact lenses good for me?

Contact lenses are useful if you’re unable to (or would prefer not to) wear glasses all the time, for example if your work or hobbies mean that glasses do not work for you.

How Do I Insert Soft Contact Lenses?

Please see our helpful how-to video on inserting soft lenses.

How Do I Take Out Soft Contact Lenses?

Please watch our how-to video on removing soft lenses

How Do I Insert Rigid Lenses?

Watch our useful how-to video to find out more!

How Do I Remove Rigid Lenses?

Our helpful video guide will show you how!


We are dedicated to becoming a greener practice.

We have a recycling box for contact lenses and their blister packs as these cannot go in normal home recycling.

Drop in at any time to recycle your lenses and packaging!

Here at Osmond Drake Opticians we work with you to get the right Contact Lenses for you. We take time to teach you how to use them safely and hygienicallyand are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

For more information please call us today on (029) 20709526.

We are committed to providing the best care possible which is why all of our staff are trained
to understand the needs of people with Dementia or Autism.

If you or a member of your family has been diagnosed with dementia or autism then please
be sure to let our staff know when booking an appointment