Certain symptoms can require an urgent assessment as they may indicate more serious problems with our eyes or even our general health. If you suddenly experience any of the following symptoms:

· Flashing Lights 
· Blurred vision 
· Floaters 
· Haloes around lights 
· Headaches 
· Painful eyes 
· Red eyes

(029) 20709 526


Here in Wales, we have EHEW. EHEW is the Eye Health Examination Wales scheme that enables those who experience a sudden medical problem with their eyes to be examined by a qualified optometrist and the cost of that appointment will then be covered by the Welsh Assembly Government under this scheme.

Marc Drake and our other Optometrists are accredited to perform EHEW and have satisfied the correct criteria for equipment and skills in certain procedures.

The request for a EHEW examination can either be made by the patient themselves or via the GP. An appointment will be made available as soon as possible and there is no charge for this service.

Some sudden onset eye problems may need to be investigated by dilating your pupils. This, of course, means you will not be able to drive safely for several hours after the examination. Please contact us for more details if you have any questions.

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