Marc returned to Uganda again this year, he travelled over with the ‘Vale for Africa’ team on the 3rd of September and spent a week over there. 

He and the other Optometrists provided much needed Eye health care to people in villages who do not regularly get it. This time around the charity worked primarily from a clinic which was set up in one of the villages, each Optometrist was assigned an aid worker who was their interpreter to the people in the village. The team saw loads of patients every day as they are very high in demand when they visit, the team also went to the local health clinics and tried to help train the staff there to deal with the high demand for eye health care. Each member of the voluntary team also brought over much needed drugs and equipment out of their own money and donated it to the health clinic.

Marc arrived back last week and told the team all about his experience there this year and shared with us all some brilliant photographs from his trip. We have included some below.

As a team we are all proud of Marc for taking the time to visit the people in the villages and do his bit to make a difference to their lives. We really appreciate the support shown by our patients of the practice during the time Marc has been away, and don’t forget if you would like to donate to this fantastic charity we have donation boxes in the practice or you can go to their website