Selfies have become a normal way of sharing who we are on social media. By following a few simple tricks anyone can create the right pose and utilise lighting to create a great selfie, but for spectacle wearers getting a great selfie right is more of a challenge.  So what do you do if you want to show off your new pair of spectacles or sunglasses? Read on for some great tips on how to nail a selfie if you wear spectacles.

1. Utilise your lighting: Daylight is always the best light for photos, ideally you want direct natural lighting. Having a light source from just one side can create shadows in the photo and doesn’t look great. To avoid glare tilt you head down slightly away from the light or even just lower your glasses slightly so the light is not reflected in your lenses. Another way to avoid reflections is to make sure you don’t use a flash whilst taking the photo and make sure the area in front of the lenses is as dark as possible. The absolute easiest way to avoid reflections altogether is to make sure you have anti-reflection lenses in your glasses, anti-reflection lenses are available at the practice just ask a member of staff about them when you visit or call the practice.

2. Get the right angle: Finding the right angle is key to creating the perfect selfie. There is no right or wrong way for this and it can be different for everyone, so the best thing is to play around with different angles until you find the one that works best for you. To give an idea the frequent “go to” selfie angle is where the head is turned towards to camera and tilted at around a 60 degree angle, this pose tends to accentuate cheek bones and usually makes your face look thinner.

3. Treat yourself with a make over: Make up can really enhance your photo, it has the power to give you a confidence boost and accentuate your features. Mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow can all bring out your eyes and make them stand out even if they are hiding behind your glasses. Don’t be afraid to go a bit heavier on the eye make up if your spectacle lenses are thicker, make up has also been known to help adjust the look of eyes that have been made to look larger due to the distortion of a spectacle lens.

4. Be sure to smile: Smiling is a brilliant tool for making you look confident, approachable and attractive. So don’t be afraid to show those pearly whites.

5. A little touch up won’t hurt: Using photo editing tools you can tweak the photo to the way you want. For example if you take the photo on an exceptionally grey day, you can lighten the photo a tad giving it a much better look. Most smart phone apps and filters offer handy solutions to enhance your photo, but beware don’t go overboard on the editing, you still want it to be a realistic selfie.