Children are not aware that they may have trouble with their vision, think about it. They have only ever seen things the way they do and they don’t know any different so why would they be concerned about it? 

When your child is born routine tests are done which can detect some eye problems, but after that a child could go a few years before any problems would be picked up.  It’s important to monitor your child’s behaviour as this could give you an indication that they may not see as well as they should, things to look out for are:

Child complaining of headaches, difficulties with reading, problems with hand-eye co ordination, clumsy-ness or them bumping into things often and your child regularly rubbing their eyes. 

The NHS will fund a sight test for any child under the age of 16, so if you have any concerns about your child’s sight or their eye health bring them into us and we would be more than happy to help. We have done sight tests for children as young as 12 months so there is no such thing as them being too young for a sight test, if you are concerned bring them in for us to take a look.