Here at Osmond Drakes we strive to provide you with the best and most affordable options for your Spectacle lenses. We use both Hoya and Essilor as spectacle lens providers giving you the option to have any Spectacle lens you want.


There are now many specialised materials available for creating spectacle lenses, so we can advise on the best possible lenses for you. Modern materials available include…

· Standard Plastic

· Airwear, a polycarbonate lens material, suitable for those with an active lifestyle. Light, thin and virtually unbreakable. Ideal for rimless spectacle frames

· Mid Index Plastic – thinner and lighter than the standard plastic

· High Index Plastic – remarkably thinner and flatter than conventional lenses that are suitable for higher prescriptions

· Very High Index Plastic – ideal for patients with strong prescriptions. It’s much thinner, flatter and lighter than standard high index lenses and reduces eye magnification considerably. So no matter how high your prescription you will look and feel much more natural


Sensity photochromic lenses were developed to react consistently to light, UV and temperature. They darken quickly when you step outdoors and fade back just as quickly to full clarity indoors. During these rapid transitions, total UV protection is maintained. So whether you are running errands on the high street, strolling in a shady park or relaxing on the beach,

Sensity photochromic lenses will adapt to every situation.


Everyone deserves the right to clear vision. Today, many spectacle wearers still haven’t tried anti-reflective lenses. Yet, once people give them a try they never go back to the visual discomfort of untreated versions. The discomfort can be caused by fingerprints, headlight glare on the road, eyestrain caused by computer screens and surface scatches.

We can offer a choice of coatings to overcome one or all 5 enemies of clear vision…

· Reflections

· Smudges

· Scratches

· Dust

· Water

Your glasses saved my life – I had so much neck strain in work with my old glasses using the computer it was awful .”



Everybody loses that bit of flexibility as they get older and that goes for the lenses inside our eyes as well as the rest of our bodies. This varies from person to person but for most people it becomes noticeable when they are in their forties.


Single vision lenses (reading glasses) only correct the reading area so you may get blurred vision at every distance beyond, so reading glasses can be on and off as you switch between near and far. Bifocals give you focus at two distances; near and far, but with a blurred mid area and an unflattering line across the lens. Varifocal lenses have three main focal areas smoothly blended into one for natural vision at every distance.


We recommend the right Varifocal lens to fit your needs and work with you to make sure you get the best use out of them. If you have problems with your Varifocals we will help to ensure that they work right for you. We only use lens providers who have the latest lens technology to make sure that you have a quality Varifocal lens.


Everyone is unique, and their eyes are no different. Which is why at Osmond Drake Opticians we offer Personalised, bespoke Varifocal lenses. So that your Varifocals are tailored exactly to your needs, we use cutting edge technology to take special measurements and our Dispensing opticians will talk you through all your options as well as helping you choose the right frame for you.


Not sure if Varifocal lenses are the right purchase for you? We have a solution, you can sample what your vision will be like with Varifocals before you take the plunge and buy them. We can show you this using the Hoya Vision Simulator allowing you to make an informed decision when picking the right Varifocal lens for you.  Give us a call now and make an appointment to try the vision simulator. 


Do you have trouble with glare from headlights when driving, or just want your vision to be a little bit sharper?EnRoute is the solution. Developed to meet all the visual demands of today’s motorists, EnRoute lenses for driving are equipped with a specially developed Glare Filter. This absorbs light in the blue spectrum, significantly reducing light scatter and distracting glare from the dashboard, streetlights and oncoming traffic. With the reflections gone, more light passes through your lenses, improving contrast and brightness. The result is more comfortable, relaxed vision even in stressful driving situations. Ask us in store to find out how you could benefit from these great lenses.