So you’ve been told your child needs glasses, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on them because they are children after all.  They could lose them, break them or generally miss treat them so what is the point in spending a lot of money on them in the first place?

Well did you know that if your child is 16 years or under and in full time education that the NHS will issue a voucher towards the cost of their glasses? This voucher is usually used towards the cost of the spectacle lenses (as this is usually the more expensive part of buying new glasses) depending on what lenses you choose you wont need to pay anything for them you will only pay for the spectacle frames. Here at Osmond Drake Opticians we give you an extra £30 off any spectacle frame on top of the NHS voucher, so this means it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to ensure your child has a sturdy, well designed pair of spectacles with lenses that give them the best clarity and protection possible.

We have a wide range of spectacle frames available for children which will fit any size, so even if your child is very young we will be able to get a frame to fit them. Also available are durable lenses (NHS voucher may not fund full cost of these) which can prevent your child scratching and ruining their lenses.

If you require more information about our children’s frame and spectacle lens range then please get in contact, or call in and see us, our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.