The sun’s out and it’s time to prioritise protecting our eyes. We have a number of fantastic offers this spring from some of the designer sunglasses we stock in store.

Radley London & O’Neill Sunglasses can both be purchased for only £60 per pair. Enjoy the experience of bespoke properly fitted sunglasses from one of our professionals at Osmond Drake.

Radley London, Spring Summer’21 Sunglasses Collection, currently in Osmond Drake Window.

Radley & O’Neill Sun-wear available with prescription too! Single Vision from £130 complete & Varifocals from £175 complete.

Just as with our skin, our eyes also need protection from the sun’s harmful and invisible UV rays. Investing in a quality pair of sunglasses with a high polarising lens will help protect your eyes. This will help your eyes to relax without the need to squint and strain, avoid headaches and eye fatigue and reduce unwanted wrinkles around the eyes.

In addition to these two designer brands, we continue to stock the very best in designer eye-wear and only those that meet our exacting standards, perfect for protecting your eyes and making a statement, including:


Maui Jim

Sunwise RX

Cocoa Mint

Before you invest in a pair of sunglasses, come and see the difference; See us first.