An Eye Examination is a thorough and expert assessment of your child’s vision and eye health performed by an Optometrist. Although children have a short vision screening at a young age, either in school or by a GP, these are no substitute for a full Eye Examination.

Eye Examinations for children are very important to ensure that your child’s eyes are healthy and they have no vision problems which could interfere with their learning development in school.

So what age is the best age for their first Eye Examination? Normally we would advise that if your child can determine shape and colour then they would have no problem during their Eye Examination. The typical age for this would be around 2 – 3 years old. We also advise that you bring in your child for an Eye Examination just before they start their first year of school to ensure they get the most out of their learning experience.

When arranging an appointment for your child’s Eye Examination be sure to pick a time when they are normally alert and happy, as this would allow for optimal concentration from them.

If your child requires glasses, we have a friendly and professional team on hand to guide you in making the correct choice of frame for your child’s needs. Our Dispensing Opticians know accidents can happen, especially with children so they will always ensure the glasses are robust and fitting well on your child.

You may be thinking, this might get expensive. Well, our children’s Eye Examinations are completely free under the NHS and we have some very reasonably priced frames in store. Plus, we provide an extra £30 off the cost of their frames and children (16 years and under) are entitled to an NHS voucher which can cover all of the cost of their spectacle lenses. This means they can have glasses entirely free! We also stock Rockstar and RayBan frames which you will pay towards but will still get help from the NHS making these very affordable.

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